Keni Lynch Sensei is an award-winning philosopher with degrees in international relations, religious studies and philosophy. He’s also a yoga teacher. He’s tried his hand at a few other things besides aikido: university tutor, gardener, dojo secretary, poet, meditator and student of yoga in ashrams for 5 years. He is author of the upcoming books entitled ‘The Aikido Body & The Fight for Love’ and ‘authenticy, being and suffering: a meditation on small things’.

DSC_0303 copyMarti (2 Dan)

“I’ve been practicing aikido since 2004.  From the moment I stepped onto the mat, I knew it was going to be the start of a life-long passion.  Aikido has taken me to train in Spain, Germany, Hungary and New Zealand.  I love Keni’s aikido because of its truly gentle and harmonious approach, a rare find in the aikido world..

Between them, our instructors have 45 years of experience in aikido, 20 of them professional. Why not start your aikido journey here in Budapest? We will do our best to help you find your way! The bonus is: our classes are in English!
+36 20 277 0761



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