We’re an aikido study group, based in Budapest, interested in the holistic MIND-BODY-SPIRIT approach. We like to study the principles of intelligent bodily movement in self-defensive contexts for stress reduction and creative self-expression. 

Our lessons are informed by the latest scientific findings in the human biological sciences of anatomy, biomechanics and fascia studies, as well as mindfulness and compassion research. We think there is a connection between smooth, flowing and sensitive movement and spiritual composure stemming from the deep connective tissues in the body. 

We believe the science of the fascial system, in particular, with its web-like tensegrity design dovetails well with our vision of aikido as reflecting a deeply ecological and democratic art. In keeping with the great traditional spiritual teachings of Taoism and Buddhism, our aim is to embody a peaceable worldview that our planet desperately needs. 

We offer mastery-level courses in easy progressive steps, appropriate for both the beginner and advanced student alike.  Seminars, workshops, lectures and advanced training classes also focus on the relationship between smooth and easy natural movements with peace-inducing mindful praxes. Please join our email list if you wish to stay informed of future events.

Last by not least, we try to encourage a family atmosphere through periodic social gatherings and summer training camps.


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