Zumm Aikido Dojo in Budapest

Hi Aikidoka,

We were invited by Gergely Csák to teach an aikido class at his Zumm Aikido Dojo in Budapest on Monday the 14th of July 2014.  We had a fantastic time and his students enjoyed our training a lot. Everyone was eager to learn from us.  I enjoyed the interaction very much.  It was a hot summer evening, so you can imagine that we had a nice one and half hour workout.. 🙂

The Zumm Dojo has a nice atmosphere and their aikidoka are very welcoming and lovely people to train with.   If you live in the 13th District of Budapest, we highly recommend you to visit his classes.  Here is their website for more information: http://zummaikido.hu/

We cooled down after class with a nice glass of beer.  Here is the proof..!