Aikido in Eger

Last Friday, before the snowfall, we went to visit Zsolt Szeltner Sensei’s Shobukan Dojo in the city of Eger.  The city of Eger has a colourful history.  It is known as where the Turks were finally defeated.  It’s also a very pretty town.  Well known for its castle, its wines, restaurants and thermal pools, we were expecting a treat, and so it was.  I had met Zsolt Sensei at Matti Joensuu’s Summer Camp some months ago and have since watched Zsolt Sensei’s dojo videos on Youtube.  Part of the Eger Athletic Center which is located on the grounds of a very large park, the dojo inside was also very spacious.  There were 16 of us on the mat, yet there was room for many more.

The dojo members all seemed very flexible, eager to learn, and had great attitudes.  Zsolt sensei’s aikido is stylish and it was a pleasure to receive instruction from him, as well as to watch his demonstrations of smooth technique.  As a teacher, he was very relaxed, cordial, and precise in his instructions.  He taught us a series of inviting and effective techniques from the mune-mochi attack (chest-lapel grab).  In the final half hour, I was also able to share my own ideas of ‘aikido in 3-D’…  In short, I had a lot of fun!

If you have never been to Eger in Hungary, you are in for a treat.  Be sure to put Zsolt’s dojo on your schedule.  It will surely be an additional highlight of your trip.  You will find aikido training there a very pleasant experience, and a very nice workout too!  The next morning, I had slightly sore muscles but it was the kind of pleasant soreness that makes you feel like having a body is worth it.  Unfortunately, I teach aikido mostly only to kids these days and so I don’t often get a chance to train as much as I used to, so it was a very nice change of pace to be on the learning side again.  The Eger dojo reminded me of those happy days when I used to train everyday.  I would definitely repeat the experience! (Also: A Big Thank You to Marti who interpreted for me!)

Zsolt Sensei and members of Shobukan Dojo, Domo Arigato!

Aikido Eger

The next morning, Eger was covered in snow!



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