Life can sometimes seem heartless.  Stressors can come from work, from family, from unresolved trauma. We might show up to aikido training feeling afraid, angry, frustrated, depleted, not knowing what to do.  Some of us look to leaders to save us, to show us how to live.

Aikido takes a different tack.  It says: Look inside. Breath. Meditate. Find your inner strength.  You could ask yourself, for example: ‘What’s bothering me? Is it important? Can I open myself to this moment and listen to where the universe is right now?’ The solution to my troubles may be only a heartbeat away, in the sound of a bird calling or the wind whisking it away..

When we find our psychological center and move from it, we develop a sense of calm and peace in all we do. We stand differently, walk and talk differently, and a quiet confidence arises, in spite of the stressors around us.

Have you ever simply listened to your mind, like how you might listen to your heartbeat? It goes on its own way, if we leave it alone.

Take a moment, then, when you’re alone, and watch your mind at play.  Give it a little freedom, but not too much. Above all, don’t react to the sensations your thoughts create. If you can develop your equanimity to that degree, you’ll find your life filled with increasing peace.

When asked ‘what is the greatest good for families?’, the Buddha answered: ‘peace’. A peaceful family is a happy family and their days and nights are filled with love.

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