hands technique

Aikido is the art of making connections. With our bodies, with others, with our perceptions, with the cosmos. We learn to live in a more than perfect world. If no one can teach us sensitivity, we can, at least, create the conditions for its emergence.

Enter the aikido dojo.

Aikido. The art of harmony. We take our shoes off. Wear a simple uniform to establish equality. We bow and start to move / our bodies in unison. We stretch to slowly awaken the body, to prepare it for the rigours of connection.

Connection is not easy. But it ́s simple. We know what we want. A feeling of togetherness. Freedom from loneliness, freedom from struggle, freedom from desire. Just to be free to move without any compunction, like we did when we were kids. Flying to the moon and conquering space on tip-toe, reaching and leaping..

But aikido is an art form in time too.  And the impulse to move is more basic than life. It takes us all inside its dream, plants, animals, planets, stars and streams, clouds and rivers on their water-course way – to heaven and back. Like music’s abstractions, ethereal movements segue when we’re discussing art.

But how will I choreograph this elaborate dance of love to move with you? I will have to think it through, pause to feel the connection and the theme, running through..

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