Double Helix Aikido Pics

Here are some new pics from another aikido video, coming out soon on Youtube.  Hope you like the pics and video!


Training @ Tomosei Dojo, Berlin

Here are some pictures of a recent visit to the Tomosei Dojo in Berlin.  Peter Saager (Dojo-cho) was instructing.  He concentrated on exercises that promoted relaxation and flexibility in movement, using the central axis and the breath.  The dojo atmosphere was wonderful, and our visit was one of the highlights of our trip to Germany.   If you are ever in Berlin, be sure to check out his dojo.

Takeda Yoshinobu Photos


Here are some photos of Takeda Yoshinobu Sensei’s visit to Wellington in New Zealand many years ago.  Approximately 600 people came to watch us, the senseis, do nice demonstrations.  It seems a great pity that no videos were taken of that event.  The last picture is of some kiwis I took up to train in Japan, also many years ago.